Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Time for a new symbol?

I've been getting much constructive critisism (and thankfully it has all been constructive) about the symbol. Most of it centers around the lack of a topfree equality message. One helpful person informed me that without the text, the symbol could be interpreted as a "I Love Boobies" symbol, which isn't exactly the sentiment I was going for.

My goal was to make something that would be simple and memorable, but at the same time conveyed the idea of topfree equality. I do agree that it lacks the equality aspect, and I think that I'll incorporate the suggestions I've been getting about including one of a male chest adjacent to a female chest.
I'll toy around with the idea and see what I can come up with. If there are any other graphic designers out there who have any ideas, please help me out! 

Many thanks to the wonderful, supportive community here and across the topfreedom spheres, I haven't received anything but positive (and constructive) feedback, thank you for keeping things awesome.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Places you can find the symbol

Here is a collection of places where you can find the topfreedom symbol in action:

In real life

None yet, but if you see one, please give me something to put here!


Have you done your part to spread the love? Let me know!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Breastfeeding Symbol

Someone mentioned to me that my topfreedom symbol would be well-suited to breastfeeding advocacy as well, and so I went ahead and made another symbol for breastfeeding advocates.
It's yours to use as you see fit, enjoy!
this image as an SVG: breastfeeding-welcome-here.svg
this image as an SVG: breastfeeding-symbol.svg
this image as an SVG: breastfeeding-symbol-bw.svg

Topfreedom Symbol

Here are the graphics containing the topfreedom symbol I created.
Take it, use it, spread it. Put your own text on it, it's yours to use however you wish (hopefully in support of topfreedom equality rights)

If you'd like an SVG of just the symbol, you will find it here:
topfreedom-symbol-bw.svg (black/white)

this image as an SVG: support-topfreedom.svg

this image as an SVG: topfreedom-welcome-here.svg

Post 1

This is a blog that is primarily a place for me to place my graphics that I have created in support of topfreedom equality. I may also occasionally post things here that are of interest to topfreedom rights.

Please note that my graphics that I create are made with the intention of having no copyright. Everything on here (except if otherwise noted) is under a CC0 license, which is essentially public domain (but not exactly, check out the Creative Commons explanation for better info).
That means I want you to take my graphics and use them, put them all over the place. The only reward I'm seeking is to see my images be used in the spreading of topfree rights.